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China Versus India Economic Growth Research Paper

China Versus India Economic Growth - Research Paper Example In terms of per capita GDP, India is way behind China with only $1124 compared to China’s $7518. (Runckel, 2002) China has a remarkably well developed infrastructural system. A number of prime factors that have developed a vast difference between the two countries’ economies, this include; labor development, manpower, water management, communication, healthcare services and facilities and also civic amenities (Zeng & Bigsten, 2006). All these key aspects become clearly defined in China, a nation that has placed positive impacts in the country's economy turning it to a leading in the world (Runckel, 2002). Although India has in the recent times grown and developed tremendously, it still faces problems such as unemployment, poverty, lack of civic amenities and many more. Unlike India, China has continued investing large amounts toward the development of manpower and strengthening of its infrastructure (Chow, 2001). Furthermore, in the sector of manufacturing, China is way ahead of India. In terms of world rankings, China is the third largest nation in manufacturing just behind America and Japan (InternationalMonetaryFund, 2006). India is at the distant 12th and this point out to the fact that its success in expanding the nation’s service industry is yet to be seen in the sector of manufacturing (Zeng & Bigsten, 2006). China was quick in embracing globalization and other open market economies. While the liberalization of India’s policies started in the early 1990s, China had by the mid 1980s welcomed Direct Foreign Investment and also private investment (Chow, 2001). This introduced a significant change in the country’s economy and its Gross Domestic Product increased considerably (Zeng & Bigsten, 2006) Nevertheless, India enjoys a large upper hand over China in the sector of IT/ BPO (Runckel, 2002). India’s documented earnings from the BPO sector in 2010 alone were $49.7 billion, while China’s earnings were $35.76 billion (InternationalMonetaryFund, 2006). In the world’s top ten BPO list, seven India cities feature prominently while only a single city from China is on the list (Runckel, 2002). Also, despite China being one of the Socialist countries, it started towards the match to liberalization of its economy way ahead of India. This strengthened its economy to a great deal (InternationalMonetaryFund, 2006). China is also lagging behind India in tax incentives. Its capital market lags behind India’s capital market in terms of transparency and predictability (Zeng & Bigsten, 2006). India’s stock market is highly transparent and predictable. India possesses Asia’s oldest stock exchange, The Bombay Stock Exchange. China is home to both Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchange (Zeng & Bigsten, 2006). As far as the issue of capitalization gets concerned, Bombay Stock Exchange is smaller than Shanghai Stock Exchange. Shanghai Stock Exchange holds $1.7 trillion with about 8 49 listed companies while Bombay Stock Exchange owns $1 trillion with close to 4833 listed companies (InternationalMonetaryFund, 2006).  In spite the size that makes the two different, BSE operates on the principles of global guidelines and is highly stable because of the quality of the listed corporations (Runckel, 2002). Over the years, both these two

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The Right To Privacy By Robert Bork. :: essays research papers

The Right to Privacy by Robert Bork. Robert Bork's The Right of Privacy examined the landmark case Griswald v. Conneticut. Bork's "originalist" view proclaimed that Justice Douglas erroneously interpreted the right of privacy from the Constitution. The originalist view is that judges must strictly adhere to the language of the Constitution, thus people do not have a general right to privacy because it was never actually written into the Constitution. This view severely restricts judges in dealing with new issues that our forefathers could not have possibly envisioned. The inability of "originalist" to deal with modern and future problems displays a need for Supreme Court judges to be able to interpret laws from the Constitution. Without this ability it would be doubtful if people today could claim a general right to privacy. The Griswald case involved a bizarre law that forbade the use of condoms in the hope that it would prevent adulterous affairs. This deduction is as absurd as banning all sales of chocolate in order to prevent obesity. Robert Bork admitted that this law did not make sense, especially in the ability of government officials to enforce the law. Yet, Bork disagreed with the method used by Justice Douglas to overturn the conviction of two doctors distributing information on condoms. Bork felt that Douglas's liberal use of penumbras to create a zone of privacy was an excessive use of judicial power. Bork feels a judge must follow the Constitution and should not imply anything from the various ideas in the Constitution. This poses problems when trying to deal with cases that the Constitution does not specifically mention. For example, without the ability to interpret some of the various amendments in the constitution it would be virtually impossible for a judge to decide cases dealing with the on- line world. Is an on-line service provider similar to a magazine publisher (Responsible for the information that it disseminates) or like a bookstore (That is not specifically liable for the information that it disseminates)? These types of decisions cannot be solved with an "originalist" view, because the Constitution did not have the foresight to deal with such issues. In this same manner Justice Douglas implements penumbras to arrive at a general right of privacy that is not explicitly written into the Constitution. These penumbras are all valid within the spirit of the Constitution and does not go against anything specifically forbidden in the document. Thus, the justification of Justice Douglas to create a zone of privacy is legitimate and the old archaic Griswald laws is forever vanquished into the history books. Justice Douglas writes; "Various guarantees create zones of privacy.

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English – Courage

It might be said: Courage No one is born with courage, but rather born with the potential to be courageous. Courage is not always an act of great bravery, but can also be expressed in the most average day to day actions. But when death is staring into your eyes, only a handful of people can persevere through the hardships and challenges using the courage in their hearts. Courage is being scared to death†¦ and saddling up anyway.Many composers portray courage in the presence of death, danger and fear and show that to be able to go beyond the boundaries of death, danger and fear one must show the courage to stare into the eyes of death itself. Roberto Benigni in his film ‘Life is Beautiful' (1997), Sir Alfred Lord Tennyson in his poem ‘Charge of the Light Brigade' (1854) and Andrew Stanton's ‘Finding Nemo' (2003) all contain characters who display tremendous amount of courage and be able to stand up against life risking situations.In these texts, composers have i mplemented techniques to show that courage is fumed by the feelings of determination, love and to save a life. To be able to act upon a life risking situations one must show determination. Roberto Benigni's film, ‘Life is Beautiful' is ‘jam-packed' with characters that show extremely courageous characteristics who are ambitious and make a genuine attempt to maintain them. The character Dora displays the feelings of determination as she attempts to unite with her family, as her son, husband and uncle are forced on a train which is transferring them to a concentration camp.Dora understanding that this train will lead to unavoidable danger is the courage that was displayed. Dora asks the officer courteously to get on the train, when she is rejected her tone and facial expressions suddenly change into a more serious state when she demands, â€Å"I want to get on that train. Did you hear me? I want to get on that train! † It is evident through this speech that Dora is determined to stay with her family, because she believes her family is undoubtedly worth risking her life for.In addition to the speech, Dora's outfit is bright red and symbolises her ambition, love and determination. Her beautiful red coat juxtaposes with the situation and environment, as her clothing portrays courage and on the contrary the smoke filled sky and the gloomy colours of the soldiers portray the tragedy the train is headed towards. This scene clearly shows Dora's determination, displaying her courage to act upon a situation leading to unknown dangers. As well as Benigni, Alfred Lord Tennyson also shows the need of determination when being courageous.Tennyson's poem is about soldiers fighting for what they believe in, knowing death can be just around the corner. Similar to Dora, the Light Brigade soldiers must show determination in order to accomplish and reach their goals. The repetition of â€Å"Into the valley of death, Rode the six hundred† symbolises a point of no return, where death is imminent. It also emphasises on the immense need for determination for them to advance into a fearsome clash of swords. â€Å"Volley'd and thunder'd,† the onomatopoeia instills a strong sense of fear into the soldiers and emphasises on the inescapable danger of the situation.The constant verbs and visual imagery allows the reader to feel and see the horrors of the battle allowing them to understand their determination. Both texts depict the necessity of determination to show courage specifically in a wartime period. It is the determination shown by Dora and the soldiers which allows their audiences to truly see the courage displayed when faced against death, danger and fear. It might be said: Determination is not the solitary factor to be courageous. It is also evident that love has a crucial effect on an individual to be courageous.The central figure in ‘Life is Beautiful', Guido, shows an intense amount of courage and it is all done out o f love for his son. When they are at the concentration camp Guido sacrifices many things in order to keep is son happy and nescient of the fact that the situation is ominous. In order to keep his son nescient, Guido, pretends to be a German translator, changing the rules about the camp to be about a game he made up for his son. The strong aggressive tone of the officer is antagonised by Guido's humour and the tense situation was also juxtaposed by the constant close ups ofJoshua's cheerful and bright face. It is this scene were Guido has placed himself in an intense situation which displays the love and courage within him. The officers are shown holding weapons and speaking in an aggressive town but it is also the background knowledge of the situation which allows the audience to understand the immense danger that is present. It is this knowledge of immense danger that portrays Guido's courage – fumed by love for his son – to put himself in a situation where he is gamb ling with his life.Alfred Tennyson's ‘Charge of the Light Brigade' does not only show determination, but also emphasises the love the soldiers hold towards their country. â€Å"Theirs not to make reply, Theirs not to reason why, Their but to do and die,† the repetition of ‘Theirs' shows the soldiers's patriotism because it emphasises the soldiers do it without question, they completely trust their commander's words and will do whatever necessary to bring their country to victory. The love of the soldiers is what shines their courage. Cannon to the right/left/in front,† uses visual imagery to show the intended audience the unavoidable danger that is present, but the soldiers advance forward, marching with courage shining with love for their country. The love Guido and the soldiers have are similar because it is purely acting on their own will, and consecutively for the sake of someone other than themselves. It is evident the soldiers have tremendous courage t o charge into the ‘jaws of Death' and doing so by acting upon the words of their commander – out of love for their country – which they did not question, and only obeyed.The notion that determination and love are needed to be courageous are not the only factors in this concept. It is also evident the ‘want' to save a life plays a significant impact on an individual performing a courageous act. Guido, in the climax of the film, leaves the salvation of his room in order to search for his wife and to save her from the rotting camp. With the constant sounds of explosion and gunshots and with the contextual knowledge of the situation it allows the intended audience to view his courage and his will to save his wife.By only stepping out of the sleeping rooms, Guido had put himself in imminent danger and death can hit him at any time, but Guido courageously pushed forward in order to save his wife's life. Andrew Stanton's ‘Finding Nemo' is about a ‘fish ' father who courageously and desperately travels across the world in search for his son. Marlin and his companion Dory encounter numerous situations where they had placed themselves in a life threatening situation.In order to find where his son is kept captive Marlin must keep a dangerous, aggressive and hungry fish distracted while Dory reads a piece of writing that leads to Nemo. Marlin is in an extremely dangerous position where he has become the bait and from the contextual knowledge of the situation it is evident the courage displayed by Marlin is driven by the feelings of saving his son. The speed of the music and camera shots gradually increase to a higher pace, camera angles change accordingly allowing the intended audience to feel the suspense of the situation.Both composers – Bengini and Stanton – used the camera techniques, and sound to their advantage to create a suspenseful scene and to show how dangerous the situation is. Both protagonists put themselves in extreme danger in order to save a life. This evidently shows the courage driven by the ambition to save a life, even when faced by imminent danger. It might be said: The composers used different techniques and ideas to show the fundamentals of courage in their texts.Through their knowledge and perception of the world they all showed determination, love and saving a life, in different forms. It is evident that courage is being scared to death and still being able to continue, as there is nothing more feared than death itself. The characters and situations discussed in the different texts proved to show that determination, love and saving a life are all a necessity to being courageous against a life threatening situation and hopefully their intended message of courage is clearly depicted to all intended audiences. finished

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The Paleolithic Era Were Living Through Three Glacial Ice...

61) One condition about the Paleolithic Era were living through three glacial ice ages. The climate was overall mild there and the conditions were okay until conditions started to deteriorate and cool down. Humans were able to adapt into colder conditions. (Big History Book) Another great characteristic added to the Paleolithic Era was foraging. It was viewed as hunter gathering. All of their food were plants, roots, nuts, and animals . They were migrating to far places, gathering local plants and scavenging for huge animals. They did this to supplement their family. (Big History Book) Another characteristic that was used in their advance were stone tools – blades, flakes, and hand axes. They used there to hunt huge animals and eventually killed them with one of these stone tools. Also they would use these stone tools to break nuts and plants to make a meal. (History World, 2000) These people also lived in small groups up to ten to twenty people. Small groups were better for thei r community to carry out special tasks. They were able to supply all of the people with food, not too much or too little. Small groups’ society did not consist of governments or police, or any organization of order, but everything done was â€Å"within family†. Within the group, they were able to exchange gifts, ideas, and information; made marriages; conducted rituals and played games with each other. Gift giving played a huge role in small groups because it maintained reciprocity, good relationshipsShow MoreRelatedEnvironmental Factors Affecting Human Evolution Essay1628 Words   |  7 PagesAll living organisms in one way or another interact with the natural eco-system that is on Earth, which consists of the mixture of atmospherical, ocean, and land systems. As time progressed, the eco-system of Earth changed resulting in genetic mutation, migration to different environments better suited to preferred habitats, and extinction. Genetic mutations appeared in cases t hat led to the birth of new species by creating further genetic differences that allows more of a kind of species to surviveRead MoreArchaeology Notes19985 Words   |  80 Pagesbony ridge on the back of the parietal Biostratigraphy the use of biological organisms found in rocks to correlate ages between sites. Bipedalism refers to locomotion e.g., walking, jogging, running, etc., on two legs. Geology, is the study of the earth, which allows us to understand the preservation, age, and environment in which fossils are found. Gracile means slender. Most of them were relatively small, slender, and delicate boned Lithostratigraphy the use of characteristics of the rock layers to